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Page Builder

Manage content with ease for rich shopping experiences.

Save time while creating richer and more compelling shopping experiences. Our content-editing tool enables your team to manage content themselves, without requiring developer support each time a change is needed. Create and launch new compelling content on your site to deliver best-in-class shopping experiences without creative limits.

With our tool’s drag-and-drop capabilities, your team can gain control of content management, helping you deliver a much higher velocity of content updates. Think hourly, daily, and weekly, not multiple weeks and months. You can even stay ahead of the game by scheduling and previewing content changes before they launch.

Visual Merchandiser

A commerce platform personalized to work the way you do.

Bring your e-commerce vision to life with a modern tool that combines rich, out-of-the-box features, an unrivaled ability to customize, and effortless third-party integrations.

With our modern and personalized solution, your users will enjoy a powerful and effortless user experience. Equipped with an intuitive interface, it’s easier for any team member — from marketing, merchandising, or development — to complete key tasks faster and more efficiently.

Additionally, with an intuitive admin user experience (UX) and tools, your team members can be productive without having to rely on IT for support. This not only speeds content delivery, it speeds customer satisfaction.

Integrated B2B

A consumer experience for the B2B buying world.

Business buyers want a consumer-like experience just like everyone else. Now you can offer it. With everything you need to manage B2B commerce sites for multiple brands, channel partners, or key accounts, you can create a differentiated B2B experience that is meaningful and personalized.

For your B2B buyers, deliver a world-class shopping and buying experience that increases conversion rates and average order value.

Specifically designed for the B2B buyer, our integrated B2B capabilities let your customers self-manage their company accounts. They have the ability to set up multiple tiers of buyers with specific roles and permissions, track quotes, view detailed order histories, and manage their credit online — making the buying experience frictionless and helping you garner loyalty and sustain business growth.

Multi-Brand Solution

Same great buying experience. No matter the audience.

Just because you sell to different audiences doesn’t mean you need multiple systems to run your online stores. With a unified commerce solution, you can manage all content and products in one place, whether you own more than one brand, sell in several countries, or use different business models.

Set various pricing structures, show different products to different audiences, or customize checkout and fulfillment options. The choice is yours. Whether your audience is B2B, B2C, or somewhere in between, a multi-brand solution can help you keep it all together without switching platforms, hiring or training additional staff, or bouncing between partners.

Order Management

Offer more fulfillment options, drive more sales.

With flexible order management and fulfillment options like ship-to-home or order online and pick up in store, you can bridge the online and in-store gap. By providing an “endless aisle” shopping experience, you give customers more options for purchase, and you drive greater customer loyalty by instilling confidence that they can get what they want.

With an order management system that gives you fulfillment options, you can ensure you are never out of stock and give your customers flexible, convenient, and cost-effective delivery options. Add in the ability to fulfill orders from anywhere with a PC, point of sale, or a tablet, and you have an unforgettable buying experience.

Business Intelligence

Identify your best customers with real-time business intelligence.

To harness the true value of your data, you need the ability to centralize and manage it all. With our business intelligence capabilities, you not only get a single source of truth for all your commerce data, you also get data visualization, cloud-based hosting, and robust dashboard and report building tools in one place.

Say goodbye to data silos, while finally being able to identify your most profitable customers and see what they are doing in real time. With powerful insights at your fingertips, you can personalize engagements across all channels and demonstrate the business value of your team’s activities.

Progressive Web Applications

Create next-generation shopping experiences

Build, deploy, and optimize progressive web apps (PWAs) quickly and cost effectively with PWA Studio in Magento Commerce.

Todays’ tech-savvy, on-the-go shopper is connected to their mobile device and has growing expectations for how their attention is attracted and directed on that device. PWAs are redefining how consumers use their mobile devices by delivering fast, engaging, and app-like browsing experiences.

With PWA Studio in Magento Commerce, you can transform the mobile experience and help merchants gain new customers, improve conversion rates, search rankings (SEO), and lower their development costs. PWAs use a variety of performance optimization and responsive design strategies to load content fast on any network and thereby provide a consistent experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Magento Marketplace

Customize your commerce experience with thousands of extensions and themes in our marketplace.

Magento allows you to extend your store capability with thousands of trusted extensions. You can find an extension for every kind of business with saving time and money. Exploring marketplace will gain to widen your business angle of view that makes you find an offer for your customer shopping experience in a good way.

Omnichanel Marketing with Magento Commerce

Developing Omnichannel Fulfillment Encourages Consumer Loyalty Omnichannel experiences open up your entire inventory to sell online, creating an “endless aisle” where customers can immediately purchase what they want, when they want. Diverse fulfillment and delivery options – including in-store pickup and ship-to-and-from-store – transform casual buyers into devoted brand advocates.

Enhanced Features of Magento Commerce

A Hosted Cloud Service Delivering Faster Innovation and Delivery for eCommerce. Managing the entirety of your digital business infrastructure can cost you valuable time and resources, especially in the face of unpredictable traffic spikes. Fortunately, our hosted cloud – a fully managed service offering – lets you launch innovations and updates faster without compromising on performance or security.

Powerfull Amazon Extension on Magento

Amazon Sales Channel in Magento is a free Amazon seller extension available through Magento Marketplace which enables fluid integration and access to the world’s largest digital shopping destination. With Amazon extension, you can easily customize and synchronize your catalog, set intelligent price algorithm for competitors for Buy Box winning, select FBA or manual order fulfillment options, and many more features you will get for your store sales success.

Magento Business Intelligence Pro

Manage and track your eCommerce analytics in one place with Magento Business Intelligence. Connect a multitude of web systems bringing your eCommerce data to life in a functional and effective manner. Transform your data into insightful images that can be used to develop ideas to increase conversions and propel your business in the right direction with BI.

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