Digitalize With Taggy!


What is Taggy?

Taggy is a NFC chip based and QR coded smart cards-labels. 
Taggy creates digital creative solutions that will add value to your products and services and distinguish you from your competitors with the NFC chip-bearing technological tags you place in your products or in your business.

With the technological labels we produce, you can create digital gift notes that customers can add videos and photos by simply bringing the phone closer to the phone, without any application being sent to customers, you can fill in the satisfaction questionnaire for your business, open any web page you want and download your application.

Apart from these, we can develop and use digital platforms using smart tags in the direction of your brand’s needs.

Digital Gift Notes

Turn your customers’ gifts into unforgetable memories!

With Taggy, you can create digital greeting cards for people who buy your products. Simply upload the most exclusive videos and photos of your customers who purchase gifts to Taggy and make them memorable!

When you do all of this on the design and log-on page that your brand chooses, you raise your brand value with this service that you offer.

Digital Survey Form

Also hear your brand from your customers!

Place Taggy in the areas you can use in your business, and simply set up a customer satisfaction survey with your brand specifically tailored to your needs. Develop your business model and get new ideas directly as you get your customers’ ideas and information in digital form.

With the Taggy survey form, you can create questions with different options, scoring and interpretation, and you can show them with your own log.


Advertisement Tools for Agencies

Digitize your offline Ads!

You can transform offline advertisements into online advertisements by adding a new dimension to your offline advertisements with Taggy, which can be applied to any field in design, Indoor, Outdoor or product based media usage.

With Taggy, when you move the phone closer to the advertising space, you can open the page you want on mobile phones, download an application or take out all digital actions. You can get detailed usage reports by giving specific definitions to Taggy, you can share them with your customers.

When you change the brand you are working with, you can remotely command Taggy to take a different action and manage it from your office.


Mall Apps

Digitalize your shopping center!

You can show your campaigns or special offers of brands in the shopping center by simply zooming in on your phone, without downloading any applications through the information panel. You can change them on a simple page you manage. You can also create simple games within your shopping mall, or provide your customers with digital services such as lottery participation.

This way, all of your customers’ information can be digitized and you can create solutions faster and faster than ever before.

Digitalize Your Products

Convert your none-smart products to smart!

Add Taggy to your products’ tags or tags to ensure that your product story, product information, or any information you want to convey can be obtained by simply bringing the customer closer to the phone.

Whether you want to show lifestyle photos of that product, transfer videos that tell you how to set up the product.

While you make your products smart, you create value for your brand!

Taggy Smart Ring

Experience a unique experience with Smart Rings!

Get your Taggy smart rings closer to your android phone and view the video and photo that your spouse has prepared for you on your phone.

Without having to download any programs, you can add your videos and photos in seconds to your rings and change the time you want.

Digitalize Your Restaurant Menu

Your restaurant menu are now in your customers pocket!

Give your customers the opportunity to access the menu without losing time.

By applying Taggy cards to your desk, you can ensure that your customers have instant access to your restaurant menu.

This will increase your service speed and serve your customers faster.

If you wish, you can use the Taggy Smart Menu as a tablet menu in your restaurants, also you can publish your menu on your website as well.

You can also get immediate feedback from your customers by placing an Online Satisfaction Survey below your menus.

Smart Valet Software

Call your customers’ vehicle before they get off the table!

With the Taggy Smart Valet Card system, you get a unique valet service.

Your customers can call the vehicle by approaching the Vale Card to their phone without leaving the table, and when the vehicle arrives at the door, they are informed via SMS.

Bring this prestige exprience that Taggy Smart Valet System into your customers!